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Royal Ford Dinner Set

Royalford 135 Pcs Porcelain Dinner Set, RF6404

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  • Specifications

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  • Brand: Royal Ford
  • Model: RF6404
  • Other Notes: Oval Plate 14" 2 Pcs
    Dinner Plate 10.5" 12 Pcs
    Flat Plate 8" 12 Pcs
    Dessert Plate 7.5" 12 Pcs
    Soup Plate 8" 12 Pcs
    Bowl 9" 2 Pcs
    Bowl 5.5" 12 Pcs
    Cup & Saucer 180cc 12+12 Pcs
    Cup & Saucer 90cc 12+12 Pcs
    Tea Pot With Lid 1+1 Pc
    Sugar Pot With Lid 1+1 Pc
    Creamer 1 Pc
    Soup Spoon 12 Pcs
    Cawa Cup 12 Pcs
    Rice Spoon 1 Pc
    Napkin 1 Pc
    Salt & Pepper 1+1 Pc
    Soup Tureen With Lid 1+1 Pc

Dinnerware or dinner sets refers specifically to the plates, bowls, teacups, and serving  dishes. Basically anything made from clay. Some people also include flatware, stemware/drink-ware, and table linens as subcategories of dinnerware.

Royalford 135 Pcs Porcelain Dinner Set, RF6404 consists 2 pcs oval shaped plates, dinner plates, dessert plate, soup plate, bowls, cup and saucer with 2 different sizes, a tea pot, sugar pot with lid, a creamer, salt and pepper and a soup tureen with lid, soup spoon, rice spoon, napkin.  This set is made of very good quality porcelain material.

Royalford 135 Pcs Porcelain Dinner Set, RF6404
  • The Royalford 135 Pcs Porcelain Dinner Set, RF6404 Dinner Set is manufactured by Royal Ford.
  • Buy the Royalford 135 Pcs Porcelain Dinner Set, RF6404 at the best price in the United States.
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  • The product/item is Brand New.
  • Buy Royalford 135 Pcs Porcelain Dinner Set, RF6404 in United States of USD 166.37.

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